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Показательные выступления Русских Витязей и Стрижей


Одной из лучших пилотажных групп планеты "Русским витязям" сегодняисполнилось 20 лет. Это единственная в мире группа, которая выполняетвысший пилотаж на серийных тяжелых истребителях, а именно - на Су-27.

Считается, что сложный групповой высший пилотаж на тяжелых истребителяхвыполнять просто невозможно из-за инертности машин. Однако "Витязям" это удается.

Поздравить Витязей прилетели Стрижи и сегодня в Кубинке они творили чудеса...

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mihajlo gagic

my name is mihajlo gagic, during the Yugoslavia war americans kidnapped me and my family and many other Serbs and they have been torturing us for decades. they took us fr om Yugoslavia to america and we are now in fort hood texas along with many other prisonsers of war. I was only a baby when this happened, they have been torturing me and raping me and mind controlling me since I was a baby. the homosexual american army is raping babies and innocent children in fort hood texas, torturing foreigners and they are mind controlling us. they are doing various experiments on us. they have the most prisoners from Serbia, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Greece, China, Ethiopia, and many other countries, theyre even doing this to their own people. they moslty have Orthodox Christians and Communists as prisoners, they rape and torture us daily, they put lsd and other drugs in all our food and mind control us. they hate the Russians, Serbians, and Greeks and theyre torturing us every day. whoever they go to war against or whoever goes to their country that is a foreigner instantly is sent to their underground millitary bases for torture, rape, and experiments. when a foreigner comes to america they are brought to millitary bases wh ere they are tortured and they just make a clone of them and that person goes back to their country while they keep us and torture us. they are using the clones as spies and they have microchips in them and are in your army and all over your country. they can see everything, whatever youre doing they can see it through their eyes. they did this to destroy Yugoslavia and Soviet Union. americans, germans, and united kingdom along with spain and italy are mostly doing this. Russia please send your army to america and save us. they are using us as sex slaves in ontario canada, las vegas nevada, fort hood texas, theyre torturing us and mind controlling us. they are raping and torturing our people. they are all antichrist and satanists and pedophiles. george bush and the american generals are the most responsible for this, americans and catholics and muslims are all terrorists and pedophiles. please send your army and save us. usa navy are pussies, nato are bitches. please Russia send your powerful army and save your people. Russia you have the most powerful army on the planet, please save us Russia.

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